Have you say! Vote for what features we will include next update!

During the Halloween Sale this year, we've managed to raise a couple of extra funds to further improve the game. 

I wanted to spend some of that money on a cheeseburger but I guess I can hold off on the food. Lol.

I'd like to ask our players what kind of features they would like us to add to Wrong Numbers.

- More voiced lines 

- Translations (either Spanish, French, or German)

- Additional CG 

Leave a comment to let us know what you'd like to see more.

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additional CG! :D


A translation sounds good, so more people can play this wonderful game

Any suggestions for which languages I should look into? 

I want to say spanish (because I am a spanish speaker but i already play games in english) but I don't know if the Hispanic public is more likely to buy VN than the German or French public.

thanks for the suggestion! 

My friend Ertal makes VNs in English as well as Spanish, so I think there's a community for it :) 

I'll do a bit more research. Thanks. 


More voiced lines would be nice :D


I would love more voiced lines. The actors did a great job!