1.1.0 update + play on browser


We've updated both the full game and the extended demo. Here's what you can expect to see:

- Glossary feature added
- Some additional VO lines
- Some minor typos fixed

The extended demo is also now playable on web browser. A huge thank you to Ahwy, LegendExGames, and C.L for testing the browser player. Some things to note:

- There's a bit of lag when changing the window to full screen (either wait, click RETURN or refresh the page and it should work)
- Loading time depends on your internet speed
- Minor glitches can happen if you are changing between tabs/typing

For the best player experience, I would recommend downloading the game if you can. 

Thank you everyone for your support so far, if you enjoyed the game please leave a rating or a comment to help spread the word. We appreciate nice comments that are left for us =)  
Fanart and Let's Plays are also greatly appreciated! And can be shared by tagging me on twitter @Witpop.


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WrongNumberED-1.1.0-mac.zip 142 MB
Oct 13, 2022
WrongNumberED-1.1.0-pc.zip 160 MB
Oct 13, 2022
WrongNumber-1.1.0-mac.zip 404 MB
Oct 13, 2022
WrongNumber-1.1.0-pc.zip 422 MB
Oct 13, 2022

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